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Renova covers the needs of users in the paper, corrugated cardboard, aluminium, adhesive tape, flexographic, printing, textile, plastic and laminates industries, with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

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With a wide product range 100% designed and made in Italy, Renova covers the needs of manufacturers and users in the paper, corrugated cardboard, aluminum, adhesive tape, flexographic, printing, textile, plastic and laminates industries, with the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Renova is present in the world market with an extensive network of representatives who will readily respond to market demands by offering specialized technical quality service.



Turborex – Roll Stand Brake

High brake operating temperatures not efficiently dissipated causes the loss of web tension consistency, excessive component wear, high dust pollution and large production and maintenance costs. Turborex brakes consist of 3 or 4 discs of 180mm diameter and a double fan cooling system.

Thanks to the multi disc system the pressure is distributed across all 8 surfaces (or 6 if the 3 disc model), the smaller disc diameter guarantees a reduction of around 30% in the contact speed of the pads, therefore meaning a reduction of the heat generated (power= force x velocity).

The double fan ventilation system also ensures a massive reduction in the operating temperatures ensuring the pads and discs do not overheat and cause a loss of tension consistency. The Turborex brake has two other major benefits- considerably less dust pollution generated in the working area, and a substantial reduction of maintenance requirements- increasing efficiency whilst cutting costs. Turborex are 100% interchangeable with all existing brakes.



Duplex – Roll Ejector Chuck

Duplex patented roll ejector chuck, combines a mechanical chuck and a pneumatic telescopic piston. This system ensures a perfect grip to the cores and the total safe ejection of rolls on every roll stand (even in the case of a damaged core). This is all possible because of having minimal space between the duplex jaws and the inner part of the core that allows a faster expansion of the jaws and the best-in-industry grip. This will not however cause a problem during the core/ roll ejection process as the pneumatic piston of the duplex will then ensure the easy release of every roll no matter the dimensions.

Renova’s telescopic piston is concentric to the mechanical chuck for a 3 times greater thrust force being applied directly to the roll being discharged. It works with the air supply being at 6 bar and presents two stages: first step a thrust force of 20000N is applied followed by a second step of a thrust force of 10000N being applied.Renova’s pneumatic piston concept replaces the conventional complex systems that may rely on manually levering components therefore subjecting them to bending whilst transferring the force of the piston. Duplex eliminates the possibility of damaging the chuck and the machine with its pneumatic design.



Mechanical Chucks

Expanding Chucks, Side load chucks, Pneumatic Chucks
Renova’s mechanical core chucks are engineered to deliver the most reliable web tension with the least maintenance. With robust parts, simple movements and best-in-industry jaw expansion, Renova chucks will out-last and out-perform in every production environment.

The Renova chuck is robust; pin flange is forged from a single piece, the protective case is treated with an anti-rust coating along with the minimal number of components. With high load capacity and large jaw expansion ensured even with low torque, this chuck will not require replacement parts. Dust will always get into your parts along with anything else in your work environment but with Renova’s mechanical chucks there are no aspects which could cause a problem if conditions aren’t perfect since there are no moving parts between the expansion cam and the jaw units, these chucks will overpower any debris that finds its way inside and keep working for you.

Renova chucks are 100% adaptable to all reel stands and are 100% customisable according to your requirements.




Pneumatic and Battery driven roll pushers
Renova’s Moviroll roll pusher allows the operator to move and lift rolls on to a roll stand shuttle cart in an easy and safe manner.

MR – Pneumatic Models
The MR pneumatic Moviroll uses the power of a high quality pneumatic gear motor that is powered by pressurised and lubricated air at 6 bar (90 psi). Moviroll is designed to offer the highest performance consistently.

Maximum thrust force 20,000 Kg, Maximum lift force 5,000 Kg.

MRE – Battery Models
The MRE battery powered Moviroll offers the advantage of free movement without the pneumatic connections or electrical cables. It is equipped with a 24 V DC IP 44 motor powered by a 24 V eco-friendly lithium battery that is supplied with a 1 year warranty. There are two different models available to suit your specific application needs. The high performance and long life battery (around 500 recharges) ensures the operator to move from 60-120 rolls with only one battery charge (1-5 shifts). The plug and play batteries allow for quick changes without causing interruptions to operating. The rapid battery recharging only takes up to 4 hours.

Maximum thrust force 20,000 Kg, Maximum lift force 5,000 Kg.




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